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0X80040609 Error Fix Tutorial – Windows Live Essentials Error Fix

Windows Live Essentials is a set of Microsoft freeware programs that offers integrated and packaged instant messaging, e-mail, blog publishing, photo-sharing, security settings and some other entities of Windows Live. Unfortunately, there are times when you will experience problems as you attempt to install this application on your computer. The 0x80040609 error is an issue that occurs when your system is unable to load the settings required for you to install Windows Live. This error is caused by several “bugs” in your Windows which hinder you from correctly running the installation process. For you to fix this, it is important that you identify the specific cause of the problem. Afterwards, you have to do the necessary steps to resolve the error.

What Causes This Error?

The error may arise due to some of the following reasons that are typically encountered by users. It is most likely because your Windows Firewall is disabled, or the settings of your PC are corrupted or damaged. It is also possible that your computer’s Windows Installer program is not able to properly read the required settings needed to run, or you may have setbacks in your registry.

How To Fix The 0x80040609 Error

To address any of the potential causes, you have to begin by enabling your Windows Firewall. To do this, press “Start” and then go to “Control Panel” and proceed by selecting “System Security”. After that, look for “Windows Firewall Status” and once located, click “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off”. This step will give you the option to enable Windows Firewall and possibly stop 0x80040609 errors from appearing.

On the other hand, if you think that there are issues with the settings of your computer, then you have to solve this by uninstalling the existing version of Windows Live Essentials on your PC. To perform this task, press “Start” and then locate “Control Panel”. Next, go to “Uninstall A Program” and then find “Windows Live Essentials”. Once found, remove the application. This process will ensure the elimination of any corrupted settings that your Windows may have. However, if you suppose that the installation process cannot commence due to problems in the Windows Installer program, then you have to fix this by using what’s called the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility software. This program is designed to resolve any of the possible issues that Windows Installer might have. This works by removing installation information for programs that were installed using Windows Installer, thereby allowing you to start the installation process again.

Lastly, the error could of been brought about by problems in the registry. Therefore, you have to run a registry cleaning program on your computer to fix problems here. The “registry” is a large database where important files, information, settings & options are stored. Windows will access these files when it is asked to load up programs by the computer user. The problem is that the registry is quite prone to getting damaged or corrupted. Once this happens, Windows will not be able to read the required files for it to run an installation process – thus errors like 0x80040609 occur. To settle this issue, download a registry cleaner like the highly recommended “Frontline Registry Cleaner” that has been proven to be very effective in making your computer function more efficiently

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